Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7 Mini-Lesson Monday, Week 1 of Teacher's Write...

summer library trip

fluorescent lights

padded feet down the ramp

the squeak of the standard issue library step stool

small fingers pushing the keys of the keyboard, one-finger-at-a-time

faded Berber carpet playing summer's anthem of flip flops smacking against the soles of bare feet

ticking clock, harried mothers, hands on hips...Mom? Mom! Mom.

summer reading tickets clenched in fists, eager children gazing that wall of "junk drawer" prizes

VHS boxes mixed amongst DVDs and books on CD, old and new coming together like the grandmom      tenderly sharing a book with her grandbaby

plastic bucket seats and worn out cushions

make shift book bags  hung over shoulders, ready to be filled until they are too heavy to carry

musty and stale, the air smells of books and my childhood

My 8 year old girl sits, face in a book, alongside the play table of Thomas trains and tracks as pudgy hands dig for the perfect one to zoom around, she pushes all the clanking of wheels, the squeals, the grandmom reading to her grandbaby, the clock ticking and she reads and she reads and she reads

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