Monday, July 7, 2014

Updating My Blog

Welcome to! I shall explain the name of my blog by saying that my name is Dana, pronounced Day-na and if you read my blog's name, paying close attention to the careful placement of the punctuation, then it should read: Day in a life for you.  


UPDATE: 7/7/2014: It has been almost two whole years since I started this blog and boy, did I drop the ball! And might I add, my concern for fashion. In these two years I got married and had a baby, kiddo number three! These days, I could care less about what I am wearing but more so I care about what I am reading and writing. That is why I joined Teacher's Write, basically summer camp for teachers and librarians that know the importance of this idea: Teachers of writing, must be writers themselves. I can't wait to explore more writing through TW and I will be posting my writing here because, well, it can be a record of my experience. 

When I had set out to create this blog, I was immensely afraid of people reading it and I still am! The same worries: Do I have anything useful or important or meaningful or worthy to say? still come to mind. I am gonna go with it for now and see what happens!

This is what I was thinking about during the Summer of 2012...

I am not quite sure where this is going, but I am trying, I mean really trying to end the internal jokes in my head about Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear showing up at my door.  So first and foremost I want to share my journey into the world of fashion. BUT...I am not going to limit myself to just writing about this foreign topic, because yes, foreign is the best word to describe how the idea of being fashionable is like me visiting another planet. I also would like to impart my wisdom on many other fascinating topics that you might connect with.  I hope you will find that kinda resembles a day in your life. And maybe, just maybe we can make our way through this world together, one day at a time!

As a bonus, I can check "start a blog" from my bucket list and anytime i can check something off my bucket list, I feel pretty darn excited and while it is the middle of the night and I am a wee bit green in the area of blogging, I am gonna give this a shot. 

So, ...who am I?  Here's my list that is truly ever changing and growing but if you can relate to just one of the things on my list, then perhaps you should keep on reading!

In no particular order...I am a...

Human (oh my are you!!! Keep on going!!)
Full Time Career Girl (September through June)
Stay at Home Mom (June through August)
Ex-Wife (hee hee)
Recipe Tryer Outer and Sometimes Recipe Screwer Upper
New Word Creator
Over User of the Ellipse (...) and the Exclamation Point (!)
Classroom Teacher 
Instructional Coach
Dog Owner
Peanut Butter Cup Lover
Constant Learner
Former Fashion Police Most Wanted Criminal

And the list goes on and on. I plan to periodically add to this list and elaborate on these areas of my life.

Try It: Hit your favorite dollar store and pick up a composition book...make your own "Who Am I?" might be surprised to put into words the roles and silly things that identify who and what you are!

Hugs from me,


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