Monday, July 7, 2014

Teacher's Write

I joined Twitter about a year ago, and (a theme is evolving here) I dropped the ball.  Recently, in a rainy day bout of boredom, I visited My Twitter page and was enamored by a retweet referencing #teacherswrite. It had all the elements of just what I have been searching for of late: inspiration, a place to be a writer, and some positive love from supportive teachers. Ahhhh. Sounds good, right?

The first post by Jen Vincent of Teach Mentor Texts, asked us to share why we are writing and our goals. She even replied to my post which feels awesome! Link to Jen's first post

Hi Jen and thank you for your words of inspiration! I am writing because I love it and it terrifies me at the same time. I want to do this for me and for the risk taking element of it all. I guess, no scratch that, I KNOW, that the dream of being a published author calls to me, always at the back of my head, sort of nipping at my consciousness. But mostly, I do know that to be a great teacher of writing, one must be a writer themselves. I want to be walking the walk so I can talk the talk, so to speak. I go through spurts of writing and I need this camp community to cheer me on, hold me accountable, and push me to make the time to do one of the things I love most. That just about sums it up. Well geez...I think that only answered the first goal...stay committed throughout and if I fall off the horse, get right back on!! Looking forward to learning a lot about myself as a writer. Oh and meeting other like minded peeps!

(Jen's reply!!!) I'm so glad you are here, Dana! It sounds like you've got a strong "why" and I believe that's a great place to start! Welcome and bravo to you for going for your dream. :) 

I am really pumped to go back to camp!! Here's a photo of me from the 80s at camp, sporting a plastic button necklace. Let's just say that this necklace spent a number of years in the kids' dress up bins but makes a cameo in this awesome comparison then and now shot: me in camp then and me in camp now!

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